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The right Keynote speech can edify, uplift, motivate and inspire your organization to reach new heights and achieve new goals. A Keynote Speaker should capture the essence of your meeting and be able to highlight it to your audience in a short period of time.

A successful keynote can motivate change by genuinely connecting with the attendees. In order to create this connection the Keynote Speaker should be willing to spend time researching your industry, your issues, and your audience.

Once this research is complete, your Keynoter can mold the presentation into a unique and distinctive moment just for your audience.

Your Keynote Speaker may use humor, audience participation, show funny clips, or even sing. No matter, what shtick your speaker employs, their job is to weave your keynote message into their program in a memorable and fun way.

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Megan Bryant is an inspirational humorist. She speaks and performs in a variety of capacities thanks to her versatility, professionalism, and experience in event coordination. She has been an improv performer for the past decade, and dove into stand-up comedy in 2010. She co-founded Zip Zap Zop to provide a unique and FUN customized corporate training session to improve the workplace experience for employees in any industry. She is no stranger to the corporate world. She spent nearly 10 years in retail bank management, and another 3 and a half years managing $7 million in FEMA grant funds for volunteer firefighter recruitment and retention programs around the country. She is enthusiastic about leading people to new levels of creativity and communication using the skills of improvisation. She is also the Creator of Idaho Laugh Fest, Idaho’s first and only annual comedy festival.

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Gav 6-1-2014

Gavin McCaleb has over 10 years of experience in speaking to audiences across the country.  Due to his professional experiences as a Realtor®, Investor, and business coach, he is highly sought after by companies in the real estate and lending industries. His business expertise is woven fluently with timeless wisdom and powerful motivational principles. Always a crowd pleaser.
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