Why Improv?

Improv is the hottest thing in corporate training. Because it works.

Teaching improv skills in a business setting will enhance the abilities of both individuals and entire companies. Your people will develop better communication skills and the ability to think on their feet. We show you how to foster innovation, confidence, trust, team building, and creativity. Bringing Zip Zap Zop to your organization can rejuvenate any workplace.

This is not a powerpoint, and it’s not a webinar. It’s a full 1044784_663883320305883_323072599_nparticipation workshop that comes alive with the power of everyone’s focused energy. This interactive training experience will strengthen and unify your team in powerful ways.

Many other companies have already discovered the impact of improv workshops.  I know you believe me, but for good measure, here are some articles and links that tell of the impact improv can have – on teamwork, creativity, and leadership – when applied to the workplace.

  • The Rules of Improv Apply to Business >>>“Improv is a valuable skill for leaders, so much so that top business schools like MIT are offering a class in it. “ READ MORE
  • Thinking on Your Feet >>> “Thinking on your feet is highly coveted skill and when you master it, your clever and astute responses will instill immediate confidence in what you are saying.” READ MORE
  • The #1 Job Skill You Won’t Learn in School >>>“Managers want to observe your communication skills, test your ability to think on your feet, and determine if you’re truly able to find creative solutions to complicated problems.” READ MORE
  • Today’s Art of The Deal Includes Improv Training >>>“Some top-tier business schools are offering more than just finance and marketing these days: Duke, UCLA, MIT and Stanford are all teaching improv.” READ MORE
  • How to Think Faster, Better on Your Feet >>> “It’s so easy to incorporate these improv techniques into your life.” READ MORE
  • Improvisors Are Great Communicators >>> “Companies tap improv to teach workers new skills.” READ MORE
  • 3 Ways Improv Training Can Improve Customer Service >>> “Having service agents who are empowered to go off script will help create the best customer experiences” READ MORE
  • In Pursuit of the Perfect Brainstorm >>> “In the context of brainstorming, what was once a contest is transformed into a group exercise in storytelling. It has turned into a collaboration.” READ MORE
  • Getting to ‘Yes, And’ >>> “Improvisational comedy workshops have become a staple at business schools, and in the corporate world in general.” READ MORE
  • Want to be More Creative? >>> “Many other companies are turning to improv to foster communication and creativity.” READ MORE

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