* Confidence
* Trust
* Active Listening
* Presentation Skills
* Conflict Resolution
* Team Building
* Sales Strategies
* Organizational Creativity
* Enhanced Brainstorming
* Effective Communication
* Supportive Environment
* Spontaneity 

These are some of the catch phrases that try to quantify what it takes to be successful in business.  Regardless of the terminology, you need something that will bring real,  meaningful results to your company.


The techniques we use in our training sessions to break down the conventional barriers in corporate thinking are the same ones we use on stage to create our widely popular comedy shows. By employing improvisational techniques, Zip Zap Zop helps individuals, teams and whole companies start to communicate and work together more effectively.


This isn’t just “touchy-feely” hippie stuff. Trust us; we wouldn’t be doing it if it were. Yes, our trainers are usually pretty amusing, and our trainings are a lot of fun, and we definitely take a learn-by-doing approach. Our trainers also have extensive experience in corporate, non-profit and small business environments. We relate all of the exercises we do to current trends in the corporate world and to those in your own company.

Our expert curriculum designers work with you to learn about your business and your employees. We customize a fully engaged session that includes all three of the ways people learn – visually (watching others), auditorily (hearing) and kinetically (doing!)  This exciting learning experience brings long-term, highly beneficial results. And don’t forget, it’s insanely fun!  A session with Zip Zap Zop is one of the most fun and liveliest experiences you’ll ever have!


We come to you at your offices, or wherever you are holding your event.  We take the skills that we teach our performers to make them successful on our stages, and bring them to you to help you in the corporate world.

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